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Anyone familiar with SEO has definitely heard about spammers who tried to fool Google and rank certain websites on top of search engines results by suing unethical optimization tactics. Spammers known for their black hat techniques have done a great damage to online marketers, and due to this, Google has really decided to put an end to unethical SEO practices.  Link building is an area spammers are most interested in. They only focus on getting as much as links as possible hoping to impress Google with their number of links.

A continuous cat and mouse game goes on between Google and those who practice black hat techniques, but sooner, or later Google catches then and they get penalized. Google is always updating its search algorithms to catch up with the new black hat techniques and spammers. Sites that hire spammers face the wrath of Google that quickly shoots it down, imposes a penalty and strips it of the search rank it had earned.

White Hat SEO

On the other hand, Google is ready to reward marketers who practice white hat SEO by respecting the rules of the game. Marketers, who believe in ethical business practices, denounce the dark world of spammers and black hat techniques. They have complete peace of mind with SEO and believe that hard work pays off.  They are happy to take a slow and steady approach to build links and ranks without ignoring the rules.

For those who want to rank for competitive terms without any worries about attracting Google penalties, adapt to white hat SEO. While it may sound quite reassuring to take the white hat route, some often think that black hat tactics are more effective.  It is a proven fact that white hats triumph over black hats almost everywhere across the industry.  To know if the white hat is what suits you best ask yourself the question – would you ever take the risk of running an illegitimate business? If the answer is No, then you can never be the right candidate for trying out black hat SEO.

When you swear to abide by Google’s guidelines in formulating website optimization strategies, it means that you are following white hat techniques. Users are the only thing that you must have in mind because the guidelines indicate that you have to work towards providing the best results to users.  When you follow the rules, you would automatically focus on people and not search engines, create quality content with consumers in mind that will enjoy your content and share it.  Above all, you will create a website that stands out from the crowd and becomes a crowd puller in your niche.

Why is Black Hat SEO Bad?

Black hat SEO is bad because it defies Google guidelines and uses strategies, techniques, and tactics that are unethical. The goal is to gain an unfair advantage in the game and by using unethical means. In spite of everything, results may be quikcly obtained, but the chances of attracting penalties are also very high. Google ensures strong surveillance to identify black hat players and punishes them sooner or later

Blackhat experts want to identify gaps in the Google algorithm and break the rules only to stay ahead in competition by earning high ranks. Naturally, the focus is on search engines and not users, and they are ready to deceive users and hack into other websites if it serves their purpose.

Is White Hat for Everybody?

Well, that is not the case because if the answer is yes, then we wouldn’t be talking about the black hat at all. Whether you go black or white depends on your goals and values. If you have long-term goals for your business and have plans for improving it and creating a brand, you have to stick with white hat SEO.

This is the reason black hat SEO is dominant in some niches like payday loans where the chances of winning by wearing white hat are very bleak. However, to run a legitimate business, there is no choice but to stick to the white hat.

Going the White Hat Way

Here are some white hat tactics that should give you the confidence to keep away from black hat peddlers.

  • One website instead of many – To succeed with black hat SEO you must know how to launch several automated not so good sites in minutes without caring for its quality or UI/UX. Only one website out of many may show some success, and it is a game of trial and error. However, for doing it the white hat way, you have to create one highly functional and attractive website that is capable of meeting user expectations. Just make it mobile friendly and look after it well to see how your brand spreads wings.
  • Create original quality content – For creating a strong foundation of your website you have to create unique and quality content that conveys value to viewers by being relevant. When you use plagiarized content, it might help you occasionally to rank but does not help at all to create a solid foundation of your website that wields authority and dominates the web.
  • Acquire links organically – For creating an impressive profile of external links that demonstrate the prowess of websites and the value that underlines it, you can either launch a link building campaign or arrange to buy links like any black hat guy would do. Buying links is easy but risky, but when you acquire links organically, you not only get the best links but also build useful relationships with other websites that payback in many ways in the long run.
  • Avoid spamming – Spamming may be helpful to acquire a few links, but the faceless links do not do any good to spread your presence across the industry niche. When you acquire links by building relationships, you earn the respect of being a reliable entity in the field that others are eager to keep in touch with and keep coming back.

If you have the patience and perseverance to follow the path of Google, white hat techniques will definitely bring the rewards you are expecting.