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Are you interested in link building? If yes, guest posting can do wonders. When you write a guest post, you are in complete control. You have the power to manage the word count, anchor text in the backlink, title tag, author bio, images and many more. Writing a guest post might sound easy, but it has its challenges and rules.

Most bloggers or writers, when they want to publish a guest post on a particular site, often don’t check up the basic guidelines. If you want your post published, it is crucial to follow a set of rules and guidelines. So, as you research on how to do find guest post, you can also check for the following rules.


Basic Guest Post Rules

Some of the fundamental guidelines of guest posting include the following:

  • Don’t engage in any bad advertising. It should not seem that you are selling your products, services, and your expertise. Instead, provide people with something that they would want to use, and that’s personally beneficial for them.
  • Make sure that you sound and are distinctive and unique. Keep all your blogs compelling and insightful. Don’t miss out on the information and make sure that your post is original and of good quality.
  • Don’t make the mistake of writing old content. Instead, research thoroughly and select new content ideas that did not get addressed before. Research on the materials and curate a useful and meaningful article that the other blog and website would love to publish as a guest post, backlinking to your site.
  • Links too are an essential aspect. The links present in the body copy can improve the overall reading experience. You might also link to any other resources that demonstrate concepts that are hard to explain or define.

Once you’ve noted down the fundamental aspects, it’s time to focus on the other guidelines for writing a guest post. It includes the following:


Building the Bridges

Want your voice to get heard? Go ahead and contact the webmaster, like the pages, share critical posts along with retweeting the updates and entries. You may also want to make an excellent and meaningful comment on the blog. Want webmaster to do you a favor? You have to earn it.

There’s another way that might work for you. Write in an email and send to the webmaster. It is a lesser efficient process to count on when you’re buying time. It is always best to allow your bond with the webmaster to happen.

Simply put, guest posting is a mutual process. And most of the webmasters think that they are offering favor. And it’s best not to rage up war against it. Simply ride it. You need to make them feel that you appreciate them and also mean it.


Taking Chances and Walking the Right Path

Your success depends on the guest post getting published the correct way. It’s challenging to have it all under control. It’s not your site where you are sharing the post! There are plenty of factors on which the success of guest post depends:

  • Quality and length of the guest post – It’s always wrong to have a guest post that is either too long or short. Also, don’t add pointless sentences. Use correct grammar, be entertaining and informative. Keep your style straightforward and conversational.
  • Use links within the guest post – When you include an excess of links inside the guest post, webmaster negatively reads that. So, going forward only cover the critical links.
  • Guest post topics – Those topics already covered in the webmaster’s blog won’t be acceptable anymore. You have to make your content distinctive having great pictures, catchy title and also a reader-friendly style.
  • Association with webmaster – This is the best thing you need to leverage. When you have a bond with the webmaster, your guest post success rate is over 50%.
  • Determining your website quality – The webmaster will check into your website. So, it’s always useful to up the quality of your site.

You shouldn’t overlook these crucial aspects. And if you want to succeed in your guest post, you also need to be very careful about the email template as well.


Follow the Correct Pattern for the Email Template

The email template plays a crucial role in your guest post success. Here are three essential components of it that you shouldn’t overlook at any cost.

  • The introduction – The webmaster must know about you, your whereabouts, what do you do and the reason you have contacted her/her.
  • The Ego boost – It is an essential aspect for you. Webmasters are usually very busy people. To get just a fraction of their attention is big. Hence, providing a substantial ego-boost on most occasions will ensure you a reply.
  • Attractive options – Just in case the first topic that you send the webmaster wasn’t an excellent choice, and it will be a waste of time sending yet another. So, it’s always good to send him/her an attractive topic that will get his attention.
  • Get the picture upload correct – You need to ensure that you upload all the pictures in your guest blog. After that, you can translate the whole guest post to HTML. Also, ensure that the majority of the images are taken from your site so that you can procure more links. After that, submit the same to the webmaster to get it published.


Implement a Structure that is Search Engine Friendly

Google always wants a chosen structure for blogs. The best practice includes the following:

  • Refrain from making use of H1 header tags other than the title post. Make sure you use H2 and H3’s and the others to organize the guest post effectively.
  • Make use of concise and short paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points as and when necessary.
  • When you are writing out “how to” posts always number the same

All these small pointers save the editor time to check if the requirements of your guest post are correct.


Always Maintain Focus

Today, most copywriters are used to curating content based on the “keyword density.” Usually, you’ll discover that an organic addition of the desired keyword happens when you strive to make use of a focused keyword. Make sure utilize the focus keyword in the:

  • Title of the post
  • The starting paragraph
  • The body copy for a few times
  • The meta descriptions

When writing for a general keyword, make sure you consider a chosen long-tail keyword.


Make Sure You Always Proofread Your Post

Every editor will check your guest post copy before it goes live. Want to maximize your acceptance chances? If yes, you should erase all embarrassing and careless mistakes and make necessary edits by proofreading. You can proofread your post for a couple of times before you submit the same. It will help you notice the errors and fix them. As you proofread, check for any content duplication that might happen. Your guest post should be error-free, plagiarism-free and rich in quality.

It is crucial for your guest post to be written correctly. Not every blogger has access to these smart rules that will help you write your guest post just the way the editors want it. Once you decide on the topic, you should follow the guidelines correctly.